2012: Wishing you helpful friends who find their way to your heart

Feng Shui TuinLately I was looking into the wisdom of the Tao and searching some numbers and meanings. My eye was drawn towards ‘Wu wei’, the spirit of letting things happen the way they happen, being in the flow of what is and leaving it undisturbed.
Thinking of the beauty of this concept gives me a strong sense of wholeness and connection. We all contribute with our talents, our passions and our relationships. They develop over time just as they need to. Sometimes it is easy, at other times it is breathtakingly exciting and sometimes it is just tough to cope with. Cosmic consciousness. Everything is energy!

Wu wei
I feel that, when I contemplate and watch the cycle of my nature, my life develops in a certain and amazing way. Storms pass, cheers and sunshine arrive and go, sorrow weakens and joy is nearby. At some point the sky always clears and the enormous waves sooth down to a bright mirror that reflects just love and peace.
Happiness arrives in a cheerful mind, awesome as sunshine in a clear blue sky. Turning the wheel might not be easy. I feel very responsible for the words I use.
Being a passionate person with a distinct view of the world is often quite something for me and my environment to deal with. Being versatile and creative might look to them as chaotic and unfocussed. I am enthusiastic about communication, Feng Shui, gardens, spirituality and growth. I need to share and write about it. I plant many seeds, nurture, grow and persist, thrive and blossom, bear fruit and gain insights, let go and co-create a new cycle again. I can only be me!

Passion is like Yin and Yang. They need each other and work well together. Yin and Yang are one but each include a different appearance that cannot be disregarded. I always advocate that sunshine has a dark side, that joy makes you smile and grief makes you cry, that anger and love are united emotions. I don’t just live in a happy world, the dark side also has to find the light. Trust and courage is needed to overcome fears and create new beginnings day after day.

2012 is a 6-metal year
Helpful friends and travel belong to this area in the bagua. I gather that we need proper connections in our souls and hearts. Intimate relationships and encouraging friendships to make our lives work. It is not just about fun, it is about authentic involvement, development of opportunities, being aware of beauty, leaving untouched space undisturbed, making proper choices, transformation and most of all sending nature love. Big words but doable! Wu wei!

Grateful for 2011 and joining me in 2012
Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging brought me a lot of unexpected and wonderful contacts. Some of them I especially want to thank here for their contribution to my spirit. I send you a warm Big hug and sincere thank you!

  • Ian Lawton for posting his Soulseeds on Twitter and sharing inspiration, transformation and care for our world.
  • GardenwalkGardentalk for blogging on serious earth shaking topics and sharing absolutely gorgeous photography of nature.
  • Nina Elshof for encouraging me over and over again om my path of Feng Shui.
  • Jacqueline Lammerts for ‘blooming’ and enjoying her Feng Shui garden.
  • Shelley Sparks of Harmony Gardens for being my kindred spirit in Feng Shui for gardens.
  • Ann Bingley Gallops for embrasing me with a warm Feng Shui welcome in the IntDesignerChat on Twitter and urging me to write my Feng Shui garden book.
  • James Swan for his bright smile whishing me peace and joy.
  • Oprah Winfrey for her amazing female power and the warmth of her Goodbye show.
  • Roger Bastin for being my favorite horticulturist with a stunning collection of beautiful mediterranean and prairie plants.
  • Jaap de Vries at Jakobstuin for mentioning and retweeting my blogs so often.
  • OpenCircles for all the eye-openers regarding passion and business success.
  • KleanWorldwide for making me aware to immediately help clear up the ‘plastic soup’ that is threatening our health, natural habitats and our global future.
  • Mariëtte van Hees for being my ‘sister’ in garden design and landscaping with plants.
  • All my true followers and connections on Twitter, LinkedIn, my blogs and Facebook.
  • All my dear friends, family and contacts on this globe.

That leaves me to enjoy writing and fulfill on being an inspiration in your life and your garden. I look forward to meeting many hearts.

Hugs and love for 2012.

© 2010-2012 Mariëtte Verlaan – Create Destiny  – www.feng-shui-tuin.nlwww.tuincoach.wordpress.com

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Feng Shui in your garden means joy, inspiration and energy

Feng Shui is de energiestroom van levenA garden has so many aspects that will bring you joy, happiness, color, life and an abundant sense of nature and wealth. You can create all these good influences and it is relatively easy too. Just begin and make a plan. You will love the result.
I recommend following the workshop ‘Plant een tuin’. You will learn the strategy, find recognition and get courage to create your way in your garden.

How to create your joyful garden: 

  • Start with the measurements of your garden and make a scaled drawing.
  • Mark windows, gates and entrances on your drawing.
  • Walk through your garden and define the spaces where you love to sit, work, look at plants, find your pond or shelter your tools.
  • Create a space to enjoy the sunshine, find a spot where natural shade exists or can be made. Use your imagination and get thrilled by the idea of enjoying the garden of your dreams.
  • Make a scrapbook.
  • Use the bagua to find the areas of wisdom, courage, health, wealth, creativity, partnership, friends and fame. The bagua is available on my Feng Shui website.
  • Look at your drawing and imagine what the areas should look like and how they would bring you pleasure.
  • Find the colors, shapes and textures that match.
  • Look at plants (perennials, shrubs and trees) to complete and decorate your plan. Plants provide natural energy and inspiration. Choose plants that suit your garden soil and circumstances.

Enjoy your garden in every season
Your garden is your natural environment where you experience the seasons and it is meant to enhance your life and well-being. Have fun and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Especially choosing the plants might be difficult. Find the combinations that work well together in providing beauty throughout the year.

You might want to follow the Workshop ‘Plant een tuin’.
Plant a garden! is a workshop in Dutch but I will gladly speak English with you.

Send me an e-mail when you’re triggered and excited about creating your Feng Shui garden and we will arrange the workshop  in your area or at your home. Please provide your name, location and preferred days.

© 2010-2011 Mariëtte Verlaan – Create Destiny  – www.feng-shui-tuin.nlwww.tuincoach.wordpress.com

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Alles is energie!

Communicatie, liefde, welzijn en geluk zijn voor de mens essentieel. Feng Shui gaat over de natuurlijke energie die ons altijd omringt en zich weerspiegelt in onze omgeving. Aandacht en bewustzijn maken onze ervaringen en ons leven rijker.

Welkom op dit blog!
Beleef de verbinding van www.feng-shui-tuin.nl en www.create-destiny.com. Leer vanuit mijn kennis en passie deze prachtige filosofie kennen. Laat je inspireren om Feng Shui toe te passen in jouw tuin en jouw leven.

Veel plezier!

Schrijf je nu al in zodat je op de hoogte blijft van nieuwe berichten op dit blog.

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